Our Products Groups

Aggregate For aggregate testing, NATEK provides a large selection of sieves including ASTM testing sieves in a variety of sizes and mesh configuration.
Rock Rock mechanics is the theoretical and applied science of the mechanical behaviour of rock; in particular the response of rock to changes in stress distribution, both below and adjacent to a structure or excavation.
Asphalt Asphalt testing equipment for road construction, mix evaluations, and SHRP testing NATEK provides a complete selection of asphalt testing equipment for asphalt mix evaluations of both Marshall and SHRP/Superpave mixes in accordance with ASTM, AASHTO,
Concrete NATEK provides a complete selection of concrete testing equipment for fresh and in-place concrete structures in accordance with ASTM, AASHTO, and other standards.
Cement NATEK provides a complete selection of cement and mortar testing equipment for testing mixes, mortars, and grouts in accordance with ASTM, AASHTO, and other standards.
Mine The mining and metallurgy industry holds an important role in the prosperity of several cities and regions around the globe.
Soil NATEK offers a wide selection of soil test equipment that meets ASTM and AASHTO test standards governing a range of tests.
General Equipments
General Equipments You can find all the remaining devices related to Laboratory Testing Equipment on this page.

Natek Test & Control Machines

Established in 2000, Natek Test & Control Machines continues to serve by making its difference in the sector in terms of laboratory test equipment and special machines. The products it sells and assemblies include Concrete, Ground, Aggregate, Asphalt, Cement, Universal, R&D, Mining and Private Laboratories and all accessories that complement them. Products are produced in accordance with the latest technology and designed to add innovation to your laboratories.

Thanks to its expertise in special projects, it is able to offer solutions tailored to Laboratory needs and performs after-sales services throughout the physical life of the products. Technology is used to produce accurate, fast and economical solutions. Creative ideas are combined with advanced technology to transform them into comfort and provide good service to the customer.

Thanks to knowledgeable and experienced technical personnel and spare parts stocks, Laboratory Test Equipment aims to provide fast and high quality solutions to service and maintenance needs. Our company, which constantly develops on its way to become a long-term business partner for industrial organizations, has been able to meet all Laboratory needs of such organizations.

The organization of the company is shaped to ensure customer satisfaction before and after sales. The customer-oriented working system is the cornerstone of a constantly changing, developing and renewed structure.