NCW -6091


Concrete Water Impermeability Testers are used to determine the depth of penetration of the water into the hardened concrete specimens (impermeability) under known time and pressure.

The system can test 150x150x150 mm, 200x200x200 mm cube or 100x200 mm, 150x300 mm cylinder specimens.

3 or 6 specimen capacity models are available.

Pressure to the sample, up to 8 bar with 0,2 bar precision is generated by way of compressed air applied to the integral water tank and controlled by a pressure regulator; with a pressure gauge.

The penetration of water is measured through the burettes supplied complete with the system. The system comprises impermeability gaskets for every cell.

The apparatus has to be fitted with the suitable air compressor with maximum working pressure of bar.

The Air Compressor should be ordered separately.