STANDARDS: TS EN 12390–3, ASTM C31, C192, C617, AASTHO T23, T126

This heavy-duty vertical Cylinder capper is used in applying capping compound to Ø75, Ø100 and Ø150 mm concrete test cylinders in preparation for compression tests.

The vertical Capper simplifies the capping process by ensuring the plane, end surfaces are at right angles to the axis of the cylinder. The upright is used as a guide for positioning the cylinder. Molten capping compound is poured into the mold (plate); then the cylinder is placed on the capping material. After the compound is set, the capped cylinder is removed for testing. All types of capping compounds can be used with this apparatus.

Supplied complete with base plates for Ø100 and Ø150 mm cylinder specimens. Base plates for Ø 75 mm cylinder specimens should be ordered separately.

Concrete Cylinder Carrier (Cradle-Type) is plated to resist rust. Used to carry Ø150 mm concrete cylinders in field or laboratory. Concrete Cylinder Carrier should be ordered separately.