STANDARDS: EN 12504-2, ASTM C 805; BS 1881:202

The Digital Concrete Test Hammer for concrete allows for an analysis of on on-site concrete quality in order to estimate the mechanical characteristics of the material. Investigations with the Rebound Hammer are based on the surface “hardness” measurement of material expressed in terms of the “Rebound Index.”

Investigations with the Digital Rebound Hammer falls under the category of Non Destructive methods, as implementation of the testing, in addition to not causing damage to structures and building function, involves relatively low costs.

The Digital Test Hammer is entirely made in Italy.

The Rebound hammer method field of application is mainly directed toward evaluation of the following properties:

Concrete uniformity checks in different parts of the structure.

Estimation of the mechanical characteristics of the concrete through the use of correlation curves.

Evaluation of changes in concrete properties over time.

Verification of concrete characteristics on-site during the testing phase.

The above-mentioned applications can therefore be summarized by stating that rebound hammer tests are to be used to estimate concrete compressive strength of already built structures.

Digital Rebound Hammer is supplied with Abrasion Stone, Plastic Case for Stone, Plastic Grid 30 x 30 cm, Pencil, Fenolftaleina 100ml, Paper Note, Operating Manual, Calibration Report, SD Card, Rechargeable Feeder and Carrying Case.