STANDARDS: EN 1926, 14580; ASTM D2664, D2938, D3148, D5407

The manual pressure system is used for maintaining the constant lateral pressure in the Hoek triaxial cells and consists of a hydraulic hand pump with oil reservoir, a precision digital readout unit, a pressure transducer and a 3 m long flexible hose with quick release coupling.

The manual pressure system is used with any Hoek triaxial cell and 2000  kN  Automatic  Compression Testing Machine for the triaxial tests. Other type of Natek compression testing machine can be used instead

BX type (Ø 42,04 mm), NX  type (Ø  54,74 mm)  and HQ, Ø 63,5 mm Hoek Cells have been designed for triaxial testing of rock specimens.
Hoek Cells comprise a steel body complete with two quick release self-sealing couplings, two steel end caps which are screwed to the cell body, 2 pieces of upper and 2 pieces of lower loading caps with spherical coupling and  a rubber sealing sleeve to separate the specimen from the cell fluid.

Triaxial Test Set complete with Hand operated pressure system for lateral pressure in Hoek Cell with 700 bar capacity.

Hoek Cells and Spare Sealing Sleeves for Hoek Cells should be ordered separately according the test.